Dissecting a Translation Scammer Email

Translation scammers have been present more than ever during this pandemic, taking advantage of our colleagues who may be desperate to get some work in a world where everything suddenly stopped. This post may sound redundant as there are many other T&I colleagues and associations doing research, tagging, keeping record, and breaking it down for […]

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Multilingual Terminology Management Tools: A Quick Review

A review of three terminology management tools for translators and interpreters: Glossaries2go, Interpretbank, Interplex.

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Language Access During a Pandemic…and Fires!

Volunteering in our profession may be gratifying in times of peril, but in this pandemic, even those who help are under economic and personal danger as well.

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Intro to Court Interpreting Workshop: An Outreach Effort

On September 3, 2016, I had the fortune to teach a workshop on court interpreting. After moving from Vegas to the California Central Coast, I soon found out there is a huge need for interpreter training programs and interpreters for every setting, so I started this project as an outreach effort to encourage more bilinguals, of […]

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The Role of Interpreters in Language Access Efforts

Having been a freelance translator and interpreter before coming to work for the Santa Barbara County Superior Court gave me the opportunity to travel throughout the States and get to know many interesting places. San Antonio is one of my favorite cities –although it made me nervous that I had to seat next to a […]

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Legal Bibliography in Spanish – Part I

  After giving my presentation today at #NAJIT2016, which I enjoyed tremendously, I realized I have not shared with my colleagues the wealth of information I have on law books in Spanish. I encouraged everyone in attendance to read more about actual law instead of only focusing on terminology. I really hope this and other […]

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