Legal Bibliography in Spanish – Part I


  After giving my presentation today at #NAJIT2016, which I enjoyed tremendously, I realized I have not shared with my colleagues the wealth of information I have on law books in Spanish. I encouraged everyone in attendance to read more about actual law instead of only focusing on terminology. I really hope this and other […]

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Animal Assisted Therapy Dogs

The interpreting profession will never cease to amaze me. I have found very enriching experiences throughout my career as a professional conference and court certified interpreter, but never anything as marvelous as what I’m about to narrate. One of the government agencies court interpreters are usually assigned to work is Child Protective Services (CPS), and […]

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Conozco a una escritora famosa


Hace unos días tuve la maravillosa experiencia de hablar con la Sra. Elena Poniatowska por escasos cinco minutos. Aunque pocos, fueron momentos que tendré siempre presentes. Esto fue posible gracias a que Elena fue homenajeada durante el 38 Simposio de Literatura Hispánica, el cual se llevó a cabo en la California State University Dominguez Hills […]

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