Legal Bibliography in Spanish – Part I


After giving my presentation today at #NAJIT2016, which I enjoyed tremendously, I realized I have not shared with my colleagues the wealth of information I have on law books in Spanish. I encouraged everyone in attendance to read more about actual law instead of only focusing on terminology. I really hope this and other resources I’ll be posting in this blog prove useful to my colleagues.

  • Trevino García, Ricardo. Los contratos civiles y sus generalidades (2a Ed.) Mexico D.F.: McGraw-Hill lnteramericana, 2008.
  • Llamazares, Olegario. Modelos bilingües de contratos internacionales. Madrid: Global Marketing Strategies, S.L., 2010.
  • Ponce Gomez, Francisco y Ponce Castillo, Rodolfo. Nociones de Derecho Mercantil. (8a Ed.) Mexico D.F.: Editorial Limusa, S.A. de C.V. 2012.
  • Calvo Marroquín, Octavio y Puente y Flores, Arturo. Derecho Mercantil. (48a Ed.) Mexico D.F.: Editorial Limusa, S.A. de C.V. 2013.
  • Becerra, Javier F. Diccionario de terminología jurídica norteamerciana. Mexico D.F.: Escuela Libre de Derecho. 2008.
  • Ponce Castillo Rodolfo. Derecho laboral, 10a. Ed. Mexico D.F.: Limusa-EBC. 2006.
  • Ponce Gómez, Francisco y Rodolfo Ponce Castillo. Fundamentos de derecho, 5ª ed. , Limusa-EBC, México, 2007.


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